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Pastoral activity is divided into three areas according to the indications of the Second Vatican Council and adopted by Cardinal Giordano for the Diocese

Prophetic center (evangelization, catechesis):

  • Adult catechesis
  • Catechesis families
  • Visit to families with moments of prayer
  • Holy Mass celebration outdoors
  • First Communion Courses
  • Confirmation courses for adults and children
  • Pre - Double Course
  • Pre - Baptismal Courses
  • Course after Communion (Oratory) The oratory is the environment of formation, sharing and youth aggregation. It has the function of sharing the life of young people in the places of study, entertainment and sport, and above all it must try to bring the proclamation of the Gospel, therefore to be more and more a "bridge between the Church and the road"
  • Pilgrimages to the Sanctuaries

Priestly Center (liturgical):

  • Prayer Group Father Dolindo >> window (every Monday of the month 10.00 am Holy Rosary 11.00 Mass on the 19th day of each month 5.30 pm Eucharistic Adoration and Mass in memory of Father Dolindo)
  • Prayer Group S. Heart of Jesus >> window (every 1st Friday of the month)
  • Group of Prayer to the Merciful Jesus >> window (every Thursday at 18.00 Holy Rosary, recites Chaplet of the "Divine Mercy" at 6.30 pm Mass - Eucharistic Adoration)
  • "The Angels of Father Dolindo" Group >> window (every march 18.00 Holy Rosary h 18.30 Holy Mass
  • Marian groups
  • Ministerial group
  • Choral group for boys and adults

Royal Center (Caritas): window Charity understood as Love towards neighbor is the spur for those who adhere to gratuitous solidarity. The task of Caritas is to sensitize the parish community to the sense of charity towards the real situations of need and uneasiness of the family and the duty to promote, organize and coordinate charitable and welfare activities. It is essential to make known to the whole parish community the real needs and to promote proposals to assist the weak, the poor and the marginalized. The Parish Caritas has a group of volunteers to welcome the people asking for assistance. The sectors organized to accommodate every need are the following:

  • the listening center: it can make a person meet attentive listening
  • assistance for the elderly and the disabled
  • volunteering
  • the pastoral care of the sick
  • the collection of clothing and food items especially in the strong times
  • the "Mensa di Padre Dolindo" (is the flagship of Parr., Provides 1100/1200 meals a month and clothes to homeless people)
  • the pastoral care of the elderly: the group meets periodically to welcome elderly people in the Parish and to make it possible to deepen their life of faith through catechesis, prayer and also offers recreational activities so that they can stay in the company.